23 July 2013

Lacewing eggs

Spotted yesterday projecting from the stem of a broccoli plant.  There may be other insects that place their eggs on the ends of stalks (presumably to avoid predation); I think these came from one of the green lacewings that we're happy to have in our gardens, because they suck the body juices out of aphids (but they might also suck the juice out of butterfly eggs - does anyone know?)


  1. Yes, they'll do in the butterfly eggs and larvae.

    "larva, commonly called an aphidlion ..... is a voracious feeder and can consume up to 200 aphids or other prey per week. In addition to aphids, it will eat mites and a wide variety of soft-bodied insects, including insect eggs, thrips, mealybugs, immature whiteflies, and small caterpillars.
    - Susan Mahr, University of Wisconsin - Madison"

  2. Hello, Love your blog. Just wanted to say your images aren't coming through on my feedly feed. I had a problem with another blog (shorpy) and he fixed it and told me the fix is through the .htacess file and to allow hotlinking for feedly.

    Sorry, I didn't see any email addresses on this page to send this to.

    1. My email address is in the "About Me" paragraph in the right sidebar. Unfortunately for your problem I have no idea what a ".htacess file" is. This is just a part-time hobby for me. Sorry.


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