09 July 2013

"Scouse brow" explained

From a fashion column at The Telegraph:
So what is Scouse Brow? Let me break it down for you…
Take one pair of normal eyebrows. Pluck, thread or wax to within a millimeter of their lives. Now that there's little discernable hair left, it's time to paint your brows back on of course!...

Now take an eye make-up brush and paint the darkest eyebrow make-up product you can find liberally over your Spartan brows, and bingo! The brutal Scouse Brow is complete.

It's important to note at this point that you need pay ZERO attention to the colour of your hair - this is not about subtlety or coordination - in fact, even if your hair is bleached whiter than an Essex girl's stiletto, feel no shame in making your brows look like they've been drawn on with a Sharpie pen...
We've said it before and we'll say it again: The Duchess of Cambridge will live to regret her decision to do her own make-up on her wedding day. If not only for the heavy-handed result, but for the fact that wicked whispers point to Kate's bridal maquillage as the possible inspiration for the whole Scouse Brow movement.
A gallery of 16 examples of Scouse Brows.


  1. Most of the young women, including the Duchess, looked pretty mild compared to Madonna. Frankly, if someone wants to embrace their natural brows it looks better than the shaved Geisha look! There are always going to be the "clowns" who have to have the extreme look in make up, as in everything else, and carry anything to ridiculouse heights. The Duchess' look was a pleasant change from the overly made up camera ready brides you see more and more. She, at least, looked like a lovely young woman.

    1. I am far from a royalist, but agree wholeheartedly with this comment.

  2. In this area, it seems to be quite popular among younger hispanic ladies. It looks a little strange, but even more strange when they don't have time to put their makeup on in the morning. No eyebrows!

  3. Many of the people in the gallery looked as if they had perfectly normal eyebrows. Of course, there are some who go to extremes, but I can't compare the Duchess with any of these people. I thought she looked perfectly fine, and certainly didn't notice her eyebrows. They look like real eyebrows.

  4. It's just the Joan Crawford look over again.

  5. mistakesweremadeJuly 25, 2013 at 7:03 AM

    I have respect for people who have fun with their personal style. Why can't makeup be fun, maybe even bordering on "clownish"? It washes off, and everyone more or less grows out of it eventually. In the meantime, they should enjoy their crazy youth as long as they can. Honestly, the world already has enough lovely young women. Creativity is so much more interesting than mere attractiveness.

    @Barnabas: Sounds like you are in LA? You might be describing chola culture.

  6. Actually, the "Scouse Brow" has been around for a few years. There was a a show called "Desperate Scousewives" in the UK a while back, and it was a parody of TOWIE, but pretty funny. One of the gals from that show was known for her Scouse Brow skills. So, as much as the Duchess may hope for the title of the innovator, she is actually a bit behind in the fad! Go figure!


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