29 July 2013

Former "Reject"

TYWKIWDBI tries to rigorously avoid blogging about celebrities, but we will make an exception today to share this photo of a young man who at age 14 was a member of the Cherokee Rejects basketball team in Springfield, Missouri.  The more perspicacious among you will recognize the face of a now world-famous man; the rest can find the answer at Retronaut, or below this fold...
That's Brad Pitt:
'We were the Cherokee Rejects. We didn't make the final cut for the eighth grade basketball team, so the five of us just decided to be the Cherokee Rejects," [teammate] Stull is quoted as saying [in] the Daily Mail, adding that Pitt's father, Bill Pitt, coached the underdog team.

'His dad coached us and we used to practice at one of the churches his family used to go to and play our games at the local Boy's Club," Stull recalled. "'We even got a trophy, but sadly I can't remember what it was for."


  1. When I looked at the pic, and before I read to copy, I thought, "That's Becky #1 (Lecy Goranson) from the 'Roseanne' show."


    1. "...read THE copy...": dammit, I hate making errors like that and not being able to fix them.

  2. That's a boy?


    I suspect I know who it is, but I won't spoil it here for other readers.


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