17 July 2013

Sugar shack stack of sacks

How in the world did they get the walls of the stack so precisely squared-off?  I wonder if there was originally a wall there that was taken down.  Awesome, in any case.

Photo by Harold Haliday Costain (1895–1994):  Stack of Sugar Sacks, 1933, via Couleurs.

1 comment:

  1. I don't know anything about stacking THAT high, but I used to work at a pet supply store, and the owner was obsessive about how the big 40lb bags were stacked. It was nothing to have to take down a 6 ft high stack because one of the lower labels didn't line up with the others by a fraction of an inch. There are various tricks to getting a straight, flush edge, but this is obviously mastery (or a trick I don't know)


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