26 July 2013

True "race-blindness"

Cropped from a set of photos at imgur.


  1. Most Torontonians are that way, too. Funny, that. I read about racial tensions in the US, but by and large, in Canada, we all just get along.

    1. Hm. I suggest you run your comment by just about any member of one of Canada's First Nations or other ethnic minority and see if they agree with you. Most WASP Canadians like to see ourselves as more inclusive/less racist/whatever you call it, but that's just willful blindness. Canada is just as racist as other countries - it's just that there are fewer non-whites per capita than other, closer (I'm looking at you, United States) countries. Don't be too smug, anonymous - Let's see what happens when different Ethnic groups start moving into ("taking over" in some people's view) your neighbourhood - and who starts squawking then.

    2. While you have a point about our First Nations people, I take it from the last sentence of your comment that you have never visited Toronto.

  2. Anon: I wonder whether you are black or white. Most white people in the US feel that racial problems are largely a thing of the past, whereas most black people in the US feel that racism is still prevalent, though usually not as overt as it was in the past.

    Just wondering.

  3. Every time someone says "I just don't see race" (with the exception of this lovely man, and others like him), it tells that other than white person that you are not seeing them as who and what they are; you are not considerate enough, knowledgeable enough, astute enough to know how the world works (regardless of whatever education you may possess), and how your position in it is automatically differentiated from theirs since birth- and that you will neither make the time nor effort to even consider that, thank you very much. In short, that magic, feel good phrase says more about what you so woefully lack as a thinking, feeling individual, than anything you may possibly have to offer as friend, ally, or neutral observer. And it does so in a manner that not only comes off as utterly inept, but also as completely arrogant, ignorant, condescending and bogus.

    Yes, we are all of the human race- non whites have been having to prove that over, and over, and over again for one very long time now. We're well aware of it. So please don't insult us by saying that you don't see what's as equally obvious as any other physical attribute such as height, weight or sex. Don't tell me to my face you're so pure that you don't avoid certain neighborhoods at all cost- when I'll freely admit that discretion is the better part of valor.

    If you really want to come off as someone who isn't prejudiced, someone who is, in fact, fair and genuine, then make the time to have that conversation, make the attempt to understand, and let your actions reveal the sincerity of your intent, and your heart.


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