11 July 2013

Another real-life ouroboros

One explanation for this unusual behavior was offered in the Reddit thread discussing the gif:
Snake-owner here. One reason snakes do this is because they are agitated from getting too hot. Judging by the fact the snake is in the water bowl I would suspect this is the reason. EDIT: Snakes are cold blooded so their metabolic rate is controlled by how they regulate their body temperature, a hot snake has an increased metabolism and would likely feel hungry if it hasn't eaten recently, which could drive this behaviour. Turning off the heat-lamp and spraying them with cool water will cause them to spit themselves out.  I hope in this case it was ok :(
Another example was posted in 2009.  For details about the mythical Ouroboros, see my 2008 post.

1 comment:

  1. I just learned recently that the Ouroboros is used as part of the symbolism for the Unitarian Church of Transylvania, where it has the connotations of rebirth and continuity.


    (As an aside - Transylvania is considered the birthplace of Unitarianism and is the first country to declare freedom of religion in 1568!)


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