09 July 2013

Hope for Egypt...

... in the words of a 12-year-old. You will be amazed by the sophistication of this young man as he expresses his disdain for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Via reddit, where Egyptian readers vouch for the accuracy of the translation.


  1. Hmmm...
    Worth noting that Mubarak loyalists are on the same side as this kid as well. The same ones that tortured, imprisoned and murdered tons of M.B. folks in the past. I think Westerners of all political stripes are extremely naive about this military coup and what it may mean. The "freedom" side has already arrested and shut down media and reporters, and just a couple days ago massacred 50 M.B. protesters. This is not as black/white as people would like to make it out to be. Would not be surprised at all if there's a civil war and way more bloodshed on the way. One way to create radicals is to violently overthrow a Democracy.

  2. If only a sliver of our own adults were this aware.

  3. It was secular, socialism under Nasser that built the environmentally horrific Aswan High Dam. LIke the Turks the Egyptian people elected a religious party to lead them, but the western media and those who have been programmed by it have a knee-jerk reaction favouring all anti-religious factions and developments. At the height of the Abbasid Califate when Islam was at a peak of its power Christians and Jews were in the majority in the Capital city Baghdad. Christians were never persecuted or forced to convert; that is pure projection by Christians who over and over again drove the Jews off into the lands of Islam. As Islam spread through Persia the leading Buddhist families became the leading Muslim families, because by the time the Buddhists began building statues a hundred feet high covered with gold and precious stone it was clear that that faith had become decadent. Western publishing and media have painted Islam as violent, but the overwhelming impression of visitors to Afghanistan before the recent invasions by secular-materialist armies of the Communists and the Capitalists was of remarkable innocence and peacefulness. Modernism is about dominance and power and the destruction of all the customs and religions, families and traditions that keep people from being easily-manipulated workers and consumers.


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