08 July 2013

Vintage safety posters from the Netherlands

Interesting graphic art, from a large gallery assembled at 50 Watts.


  1. The strange thing about Dutch is that, if you understand German and English, you can _decipher_ Dutch. Well, 90% of Dutch.

    I think the poster says, "Outlet (exhaust) gasses are life-threatening."


  2. @ Lurker111: Correct! The text on top says "Open doors and windows before you start your engine."

    1. Thanks for the confirmation. Would you believe, I never even noticed the text at the top? Weird.
      Thanks for the help on the other posters!


  3. Ah well, here we go...

    #1: (See my previous reply and Lurker111's contribution.)

    #2: One touch! Monsters lurk in electric wires.

    #3: Use safety belts.

    #4: That's what happens when the emergency door is blocked!

    #5: Distraction leads to accidents.

    #6: Weld safely.

    #7: Safe scaffolding around every house saves you from a trip to the hospital.

    #8: The hood (? kap = safety protecty thingy) was too high.

    #9: Carbon monoxide. ..Lurking danger... No running power unit in garage.

    #10: Grind safely. One splinter can cost you an eye.

    #11: Wear steel-nosed shoes.

    #12: ...and all that remains: cover it well, and keep it fresh.

    #13: Work safely!

    #14: Watch out! The traffic ghost is lurking.

    #15: Arch enemies.

    #16: .....fix ladders.

    #17: Manhole covers. Close the caps well.

    #18: Use your eyes, and protect them.

    #19: FOD (foreign object damage?)

    #20: Obligatory toe protection.

    #21: Arsonist. Extinguish him/it (by stamping on it)!

    #22: Birds are not to be taken lightly (lit. "are not for the (pussy)cat", a Dutch expression indicating something to be reckoned with.)

    #23: Check your safety regularly.

    #24: Caution. Sharp.

    #25: Secure gaps in the floor.

    #26: Don't carry too much! Ask for assistance.

    #27: Keep dangers at bay.

    #28: Protect your safety.

  4. There are more, where it came from:

    Also here are some exUSSR posters:


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