11 July 2013

An unusual lock

This apparently is a Tayhope (brand name) lock.  I found information about it at the company's website:
In commercial ventures, where access points need to be locked, padlocks are often used as they offer high security with low maintenance. Most companies nowadays use cloned padlocks operated by one corporate key, this allows easy access to many sites where the company has an interest. Multiple-Locks allow companies to share access points without having to share keys. An installed Multiple-Lock may have up to 10 users each opening and closing the access point using their own padlock.
A video at the company website illustrates some of the mechanics.  Note that gaining access does NOT require the simultaneous presence of 10 users with ten different keys - unlocking any ONE of the ten padlocks allows the gate to be opened.

Image cropped from the original at Nothing to do with Arbroath

Addendum: Readers offer some other varieties for multiple-user access in the Comments below.


  1. This reminded me of:


    My guess is that the round one is a shadetree solution.

  2. I've been to Cell Tower sights before and the ones I've seen use a much simpler solution. Chaining the pad locks together maybe with bits of chain in between. Then any pad lock in the chain can open the chain.

    Pros and cons between both methods I guess.

  3. Beat me to it, but this is a common site of locks chained together: http://www.spurgeonworld.com/blog/archives/2006/12/daisy_chains.html
    (not my blog)

    1. Feel free to offer links to your blog when relevant stuff comes up (I'm jealous of your travels).

  4. Common as mud out in the oil patch where a land-owner and any of several different companies may need access through one gate.

  5. At first glance I thought this was a "lock park" that are common in gyms here. The lockers are shared and have no lock on them. You use your own lock, and when you're not using the gym, you can leave your lock in a contraption that looks a bit like this.


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