26 July 2013

Unusual pizza

A quick search suggests that the language is Croatian, and the mistranslation may be "smallpox" for "shrimp" (??odd).  Can anyone confirm?

Addendum:  Definitive answer in the Comments.  Hat tip to an anonymous reader.

Via Nothing to do with Arbroath.


  1. Google translate says; "pizza with shrimp and sauce dalmatian".

    1. Curious about how that error occurred, I just now found
      "kozicama" = "prawns" and
      "kozice" = "smallpox".

      I wonder if someone fluent in Croatian can clarify whether the two words are related re their etymology, or whether it's just curious coincidence.

    2. One of the reasons Google translate struggles with Slavic languages is the existence of cases, which change the suffix of a noun depending on usage. So here, "Kozice" is the nominative case, and "kozicama' the instrumental case (the equivalent to Ablative in Latin).

      In these cases the nominative is "Kozice" and it has at least three meanings - shrimp, pox and small goats (diminutive form of "koza" which means "goat"). The shrimp and the goat share the same etymology without a doubt (shrimp supposedly look a bit like a goat, what with a little beard and all...). I have no idea about the disease, but I imagine it may be an old folk name for pox, as google also tells me that "vodene kozice" means chickenpox (literally "water small goats"). I don't think smallpox have anything to do with goats, but then again, I don't think chickenpox have anything to do with chickens either. Wikipedia tells me there is a 'goat pox', Variola caprina which is related to small pox (Variola vera), and has a very high mortality. This is just a guess, but I can see it being plausible that the root 'koza' (goat) was used to characterise the human disease.

      As for 'Dalmatian' - that is both the demonym of the inhabitants of Dalmatia and the name of a breed of dog...

    3. That's the kind of answer I was hoping to get. Thank you so much; I've inserted an addendum on the post to refer people to your comment.

    4. Hi! I am Croatian, and I confirm the explanation of the chickenpox / kozice. Very well written, I couldn't do better myself.

      As per "dalmatinski" it is adjective given to something originating from Dalmatia. Dalmatia is a southern coastal region of Croatia, known for a beautiful landscape and blue sea. Dalmatian cuisine is also quite special, and based on the fish and oil. Simple with ingredients, but excellent in taste. Hence, "dalmatian sauce" implies olive-oil based simple sauce. I hope this helps.

  2. a different anonymousJuly 26, 2013 at 2:48 PM

    google translate also tells us that kozicama is 'shrimp', while kozice is 'smallpox'.

  3. Not to be confused with their second best-selling pizza: Anthrax with poodle sauce. Yum!

  4. The Dalmatian coast is known for seafood and especially for squid in its own ink, used in sauces and risottos.
    We eat this all the time when we vacation on the coast - it is a shrimp pizza with a squid ink sauce.

  5. "kozice" means "shrimps", but "little pox" could mean "vodene kozice" = "Varicella" = also known as "chicken pox" :D :D :D LOOL - Thank you for this "Pizza Variola" :D

  6. As a Croatian, I have to add that Dalmatia is also known, or rather notorious for mistranslated menus. You should have an entire blog dedicated to them.


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