19 April 2011

Today's pollen count is... a gazillion

Maybe two gazillion.  Can someone identify the type of tree? (filmed in Lewisburg, Tennessee).

Addendum:  DirtPoor was the first to identify the tree as a cedar.  nolandda followed up with a nice offering of photos and other videos (see links in Comments).


  1. It looks like a cedar. Most evergreens (well, pine tree like plants) are like this. I can give the trees and bushes around my house a shake like this during pollination season and they will produce just as much. When the wind blows, clouds of yellow will pour out of the trees. Some pines will even produce pollen from their bark!

    The video is a really good example of evergreen pollination.

  2. That was pretty impressive! Here in Atlanta a couple weeks ago, we were watching a squirrel leap from limb to limb in some pine trees and puffs of pollen that looked just like smoke clouds kept popping out.

  3. That is amazing! And I almost sneezed just watching it.

  4. ....tree sperm. That's all I can think.


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