21 April 2011

"Ice-out" pending

This past week, Paul Douglas' On Weather blog posted this photo showing the lake ice status in Minnesota.  Leech Lake (my favorite) is the one at the end of the upper pink line.  When the ice is out up there, my blogging will be subject to more frequent interruptions.

When I was little, communities used to park cars on the lakes and have residents enter contests to guess when the car would plummet through the ice.  Such contests are still held, but I don't think any cities use cars for that purpose anymore (?).


  1. And here I was complaining about a chilly day in costal Virginia were we dipped down to a low of 46F overnight.

  2. Apparently they still put a car on the ice in "Lake Woebegone."

  3. Here in Alaska we have the Nenana Ice Classic, where a large tripod is constructed on the Tanana River in the Interior town of Nenana. When the ice starts breaking up, the tripod shifts enough to stop a clock onshore, to which it is connected. The Ice Classic benefits charitable organizations and has been going on since 1917.

  4. Placing a car on ice reminds me of neil gaiman's "American Gods", where this end up being an important issue in the novel


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