29 April 2011

Half-brothers meet by chance

In the right column of this blog are the categories of topics.  "Cheerful" ranks rather low at 40th (out of 70) in terms of number of posts.  This one fits in there nicely.  From Boston.com:
Waikiki Beach wasn’t part of Rick Hill’s vacation plans last Monday, but the Lunenburg resident and his family decided to make a quick stop.

Joe Parker, who grew up in Leominster but moved to Hawaii to escape a troubled upbringing and a failed relationship, wasn’t supposed to be on the beach that day, either. An event planner for a resort, he had hustled down to secure a last-minute surfing lesson for a client.

Hill’s fiancee was about to take a snapshot of Hill and their three children when Parker offered to take a picture of the entire family. Parker immediately detected Hill’s accent; instead of asking the family to say “cheese’’ he asked them to say “Leominster.’’

“When he said that, it took us by shock because we live in the next town over, and what are the chances of a stranger in Hawaii saying that,’’ Maureen Howe, the fiancee, said yesterday.

And then the name game began. Parker threw out several, including Dickie Halligan. Hill responded, “That’s my father!’’

Standing in the glistening white sand, Parker lowered his sunglasses, squinted at Hill, and declared, “That’s my dad, too!’’


  1. These kind of stories are awesome. Just by "chance" (one might say divine intervention)two familie members find each other.

  2. Great, 'cheerful' story and a good chance for me to thank you for your blog. Always tasteful and interesting, it has become my choice reading after a crazy day at work.

  3. reminded me of this article


  4. Yes, I remember...




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