21 April 2011

Japanese tsunami debris heading toward the United States

The image above shows the calculated distribution of debris two years from now; a series of six images are at Good's environmental blog.  The International Pacific Research Center offers a nice animation of the process.

What might be in the debris?  How about strongboxes full of money?
Safes are washing up along the tsunami-battered coast, and police are trying to find their owners — a unique problem in a country where many people, especially the elderly, still stash their cash at home. By one estimate, some $350 billion worth of yen doesn’t circulate...

As workers and residents pick through the wreckage, they are increasingly stumbling upon cash and locked safes... Goto couldn’t specify how many safes his department has collected so far, saying only that there were “several hundreds” with more coming in every day.


  1. I wonder if there will be any noticeable increase in the size/density of the garbage patch out there. My guess is probably not due to the huge size of the patch already.

  2. Wonder if more feet will wash up, like the ones after the last big tsunami.

  3. That is headed for my front yard. Bummers. We are going to need a lot of volunteers for the semi-annual SOLV beach clean-up. All help welcome. solv dot org.


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