24 April 2011

Disassembling vehicles

The video above was posted at Kottke; it shows Canadian Army engineers disassembling and reassembling a (modified) Jeep in four minutes.

That's good, but this old Volkswagen commercial shows a Beetle being disassembled in less than 30 seconds:


  1. Your videos seem to have gotten skewed -- in this entry, I see the Silver Carp video, and in the later entry about Silver Carp, I link to the Cowboys v. Aliens trailer.

    Still, great stuff. Keep posting!

  2. I have no idea why you're experiencing that, Vivi. I just checked the code, and it seems to be o.k.

    Perhaps some reader will know how something like that could occur. I have no clue (I'm an English major...)

  3. And now I came back to the site a few hours later, and everything looks fine for me. I didn't change anything on my browser.

    How very odd. Sorry for the apparently false alarm!


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