17 April 2011

Congressional Democrats show how serious they are about the Republican budget proposal

They are going to fast, in order to demonstrate their opposition to the budget proposed by the Republicans.  They're going to fast until Easter - that's a full week from now !!

But wait...
Rep. Barbara Lee is helping organize the demonstration and tells The Hill that, “For me personally, fasting reminds me that while I’ll be off the fast in 24 hours, other people stay hungry all the time." Lee adds that she has already gone one day so far without food and will do it again.
She will fast for one day.  Her 27 Democratic colleagues will do the same- taking turns, fasting one at a time for one day each.

And it's not a complete fast.  They have vowed "to maintain a liquid-only diet in hopes of a better budget."

What a phony protest.

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  1. Don't really see how it's phony. Plenty of people do 24-hour fasts for charity. It's symbolism. What's the arbitrary minimum number of days you want them to fast for?

    I wouldn't want my representatives collapsing from hunger...

  2. Why don't they each feed a poor family for a week out of their own pockets (or cupboards) ?

  3. Hm. Not much of a hunger strike, but it makes for good headlines.

    To me, and maybe to most of America, fasting is more closely associated with religious observances than with political protests. Fasting is supposed to be a personal discipline, to aid prayer and reorient one's priorities. This stunt makes the politicians look a lot more like the pharisees than the devout. Not the symbolism they were going for!

  4. The alternative to calling it a "fast" would be to call it a "hunger strike," which would cause all kinds of public image problems (not to mention auggesting a degree of commitment the politicians are unlikely to give).

    Like so many recent Dem moves to "resist" the Rep assault, this looks good on a ten-second news report but keeps their asses safe because they don't have to do anything significant.

  5. JDJarvis, how do you know what they do or don't give to charity? Not that it's any of our business.

    Besides we're talking about it now and are reminded of the real consequences of budget cuts while the wealthiest among us pay the least in taxes in decades.

  6. I agree with Anonymous, can't see why it's phony. As to Mel V, I would say it's much overstated to say that to 'most' people fasting is more closely associated with religious observances. People fast for many reasons every day, including dieting to in an effort to 'cleanse' the body.


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