18 April 2011

American politics in a nutshell

Via Reddit.


  1. That's his problem. He's too extreme to even see that Dems are halfway between him and Republicans. Democrats are still fighting for social justice and rights for gays, immigrants, etc. They still recently brought us new labor laws and an increased minimum wage. Duh, healthcare, Nadar! Such a simplistic thing to say. They're not the ones insisting Gitmo stay open. Yes, they take corporate money, but they aren't trying to shut down Planned Parenthood and NPR. They're not fighting unions. They reformed Wall Street somewhat.

    The campaign finance system needs reformed, that's for sure. It's the root of so much of what's wrong.

  2. P.J. O'Rourke rightly noted that "When the legislature controls what is bought and sold the first thing that is bought and sold is legislators"

    John Stossel's excellent segment on "Crony Capitalism" is very revealing in this regard.

    Let the Democans and Republicrats (or their legions of useful idiots) deny this until they are blue in the mouth.

  3. Re-printing well-known cliches from conservative pundits while having some anti-UN avatar doesn't add much to explain how they're the same because they both have a greed problem. For example, one side wants to add more tax cuts while the other wants to get some more revenue through taxes. One side wants to save the social net while the other side wants to privatize it for corporate America. I bet you can tell me which is which.

  4. Long ago was the day
    When I could see the bright ray on my own
    Sitting on my couch, believing in ghosts
    Like the anon in the first post.

  5. Thanks, but your English skills or ability to form a intelligible sentence will have to improve before I take anything you say to me in reply regarding American politics seriously.

  6. Anon, according to Google Analytics, this blog is read by people from 177 different countries. Be very cautious about criticizing people's English skills unless your own multilingualism is exceptional.

  7. thank you, Stan. I think I better stick to my langue d'oc poetry classes, this is not going very far.

  8. Well, I wouldn't go to a web site from Brazil and type an insult in broken Portuguese and expect not to be criticized if I didn't make sense.

    I wasn't criticizing his language abilities. I was responding to what I perceived to be an insult based on no substance.

    Really, Stan, where was the substance? I'm not going to give him a pass in a political argument because his insult was given in his second language.


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