20 April 2011

"Cowboys and Aliens" teaser trailer - updated

Based on a graphic novel from Platinum Studios -- the publisher of the original "Men in Black" comic -- the title is so straightforward one might assume that it's a joke. But as the just-released trailer shows, this movie isn't playing the concept for laughs. It has some seriously big names behind the camera, including director Jon Favreau ("Iron Man"), producers Ron Howard and Brian Grazer, and executive producer Steven Spielberg. And it has two of the toughest leading men of their generations -- Harrison Ford and Daniel Craig -- in the starring roles...
Looks interesting.  For more information, see the article at Yahoo!

Addendum: I posted the above over a year ago. Now the studio has come out with the official trailer. It's slightly different:


  1. Heh. I hope it has a line from a cowboy vs monster scifi movie I saw years ago "Let's mosey on back to the el rancho pancho"

  2. I used to love to watch trailers back when they actually gave you some idea of what the movie was about. The earlier one here is better in that respect, but still not great. The recent one is unwatchable, just a lot of flashes and loud noises and quick cuts. Phooey.

    --Swift Loris


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