23 April 2011

An impressive balancing act

Performed by Mädir Eugster Performer, Performance, performer, performer, Performerin, Performance, performer, performer on the France2 channel, produced by MagicTV/Patrick Sébastien.  One supposes that performances similiar to this date back to the courts and streets of the Middle Ages and before, though I have no evidence for that.

For obvious reasons (and perhaps for stagecraft) it's a bit slow in developing; those in a hurry will probably want to skip through using the video progress bar.

Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath.


  1. That was really amazing. I doubt if you would see it on TV in the US, but what a concept. Now I have to go find out more about the performer.

  2. Very cool. It is wonderful to discover such abilities are out there.


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