11 April 2010

"The United Countries of Baseball"

Minnesota Twins start season 5-1.  Via Strange Maps.  Click image for home-run size.


  1. I took one look at this map and knew that it had to have been made before the 2007 season ended.

    The Colorado Rockies World Series run won them most of New Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Utah.

    Bars in all those states have a ton of Rockies stickers and memorabilia nowadays.

  2. Again, I wish that Blogspot had a thumbs up button where I could note that I liked a post without having to make a comment.
    Anyhow, I like this picture.

  3. Nice map. I can say having lived in CT that it is a house divided - the southern part of the state is (mostly) Yankees country while the northern half favors the Red Sox.
    Captcha: imopophex. I think that will be the name of a medicine soon.

  4. I know from experience that the Cubs' territory dips further south in Illinois than is shown, because of many Chi-Town transplants at universities downstate.


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