11 April 2010

Illustration from "The Seven Wishes"

I wonder what his seven wishes were?  Every time I see an illustration like this, it makes me want to read the book...

Illustration from The Seven Wishes by Alfred Smedberg.  From Swedish Folk Tales Illustrated by John Bauer. Via (OVO).


  1. I'd wish for a small paper bag that was always full of perfectly ripe and tasty avocados.

    Who needs a million dollars when you can have excellent guacamole whenever you want?

  2. You should check out a book called "The Mysteries of Harris Burdick" by Chris Van Allsburg. It's a book filled with illustrations and only a small caption for each. The reader is left to come up with their own story for each illustration.

  3. Requested from my library (which has 22 copies and no other pending requests, so it shouldn't take long...)

    thanx for the tip.



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