19 April 2010

"Goldman Sachs are Scum"

For this blog I have a category entitled "rants" which currently has about a hundred items that either I rant about (or am just upset about), or where I post well-done rants by others that I agree with.

The video above fits in the latter category.  Max Keiser is a broadcaster and financial pundit who in this video interview gives holy Hell to Goldman Sachs, asking how they are different from Osama bin Laden?
“They are literally stealing a hundred million dollars a day. Goldman Sachs is stealing every day on the floor of the exchange. They should be in the Hague, they should be taken on financial terrorism charges. They should all be thrown in jail”
This tirade apparently was broadcast on French television; you will never hear anything like it on an American news channel.

And note this interview was dated July 16 of last year - WAY before the current accusations of securities fraud.

Originally posted by Matt Taibbi at The Smirking Chimp.


  1. Bloody Brilliant! And true. But will it play in Peoria?

    “In the old days under Soviet rule we didn't believe a word of our own propaganda but we thought that information was free in the West and we longed for it,” said Katya, a middle-aged Muscovite. “But we have learnt since that the West has its own propaganda and in some ways it is more powerful because people believe it.”

  2. Thanks for that, pity it won't make mainstream, but great to see, especially considering today's news.

  3. Dylan Ratigan at MSNBC comes close with his financial critiques. He was too controversial to stay at business friendly at CNBC.


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