18 April 2010

One million visits in the past year

TYWKIWDBI has had about a million visits during the past year, which is about a 300% increase from the previous year.  I would guesstimate that over half of those are one-time visitors reading a specific post, which influences the <2 minute average time on site.  The visitation pattern has always been cyclical (with nadirs on weekends), but in the last several weeks I can see that it is becoming even more so...
...as the regular visitors adapt to the new once-a-week posting pattern. 


  1. Is there a certain post or posts that caused the large spike in visitors in January?

  2. The once-a-week format is hard for me. I have an addictive personality, and I am decidedly addicted to your blog!

  3. How do those of us reading the RSS feed fit into this? I only click through to your pages when I want to copy the url to share on Facebook. :-)

  4. Meg, some of the spikes come when one of my posts is picked up by a major blog like The Daily Dish, but interestingly, most of the traffic spikes are related to what I consider "junk posts" - unusual tattoos, odd videos, strange pictures. I think the big spike in January was for the "lip window" (Google the term and you'll see what the #1 hit is...)

  5. Bryan, I think the RSS feed doesn't count as a "hit" or "visit" - as far as I know. Traffic to the blog progressively increased for several years, but then leveled off in this past year as more people started using direct feeds. The number of "followers" via Google has gone from ~50 to ~370, but the visits have been about stable during that time, so I don't think the tracking system detects the feeds.

    It doesn't matter. I don't sell ads so my traffic stats are not relevant in any practical sense.


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