25 April 2010

Cannabis in alcohol

This, of course, was perfectly legal in its time.  And note the alcohol content - 74% (148 proof!).

From Historical Indulgences, via.


  1. I learned at a recent brewery tour that hops is related to marijuana (they're in the same family). Someone, somewhere, has made weed beer.

  2. Related to your comment -


  3. I've actually used some good weed as an aromatic hop in a wheat beer i made a few months ago. Won't get you high, but damn was it tasty :)

  4. Step one but everclear
    Step two add 1/8 to 1/4 of the good stuff
    Step three let sit in dark place for a week or so
    Step four strain out the solids
    Step five try and remember who you are

  5. Yeah - this is Tincture - Usually made with anything over 148 Proof. Half a Mason jar of fine chopped cheeb, and fill the rest with the hard stuff. Let sit for 2-4 wks away from sun. Take out, strain green juice and add more hard stuff to green mulch filled mason jar for second batch. place a drop or two under tongue of green juice and say hi to Buddha for me! :)

  6. The reason it is marked "Poisonous in overdoses" is because it's 148 proof alcohol. Drinking too much alcohol of that purity will kill you.

    But it is physically and pharmacologically impossible for humans to "overdose" fatally on cannabis. You will just fall asleep if you take too much, and sleep off any adverse effects (but you may have some REALLY weird dreams.)...


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