25 April 2010

The Polish President's plane crash

This is how fake conspiracy theory is generated and propagated.

Several days after the plane carrying the president of Poland crashed, the video above was posted at YouTube; it shows people arriving at the crash scene and supposedly seeing strangers shooting the survivors of the crash.  The superimposed translations "explain" what is going on.

The video is then propagated at sites like this, where hundreds of comments are lodged re how the president was assassinated after the plane was sabotaged.

Now, cut to Reddit, where comments in the thread clarify that the subtitles on the video are totally inaccurate:
Ok, I think I'm starting to understand what they say. The part "give me a gun" is actually "get the fuck out of here". The part "don't kill me" I think is "you got not right to do that". My scenario is: the rescue team/ military arrive at the crash sight and see these guys walking around, possibly making a mess. Some guy says that we should get out of here, but other hesitate and the cameraman actually keeps walking forward. The military shout at them that they get the fuck out. One guy replies: you have no right to tell us that. The cameraman retreats. But others possibly hesitate. The military shoot in the air to show they are serious and the cameraman is like what the fuck. Hope that helps.
And yet, with this video "out there," it will continue to convince some gullible people that an assassination was successfully carried out.

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