25 April 2010

The Story of Bohemian Rhapsody

A huge tip of the hat to "zarq" for posting at Metafilter an extensive set of links about Bohemian Rhapsody, including some covers that I had not previously heard.

He also linked the six-part BBC Three program on this history of Bohemian Rhapsody.  I've embedded the first three parts above. Here are the links for Part 4, Part 5, and Part 6.

Addendum:  Well, heck with it.  After watching the first three parts, I decided to embed the others as well.  Enjoy. 


  1. I just finished all of them. Thanks for a great post!!

    I remember buying that album when it cam out. I still listen to it frequently.

    I am filled with nostalgia!!

  2. I really enjoyed learning about the history of the making of the song. The making of the video was a bit on the silly side since, even at the time, it looked poorly done. (And that's saying a LOT!)
    But....UGH! Part 5 with that hammy actor reading the lines of the song makes me quite nauseated. How embarrassing and cringe-worthy. And those windbags at Oxford are only slightly less vomit-inducing.
    Their intellectual masturbation is the murder of the creativity.

    I suppose the most annoying thing about this program is the way they can manufacture a lot of rubbish about a perfectly good song.
    Like so many "deep" British documentaries, it makes something inspiring into something deadening and dull. For me, it is the opposite of insight.

  3. man, i do so love your postings. queen to roller derby to goddess only knows.

    just wanted to say thanks (and again, you are loved)

  4. Roger, if you're reading this:

    I've always wondered: With such an incredible voice, were you ever frustrated with Freddy getting all of the limelight for his voice? It was only years later that I found out that some of my favorite tracks were actually your vocals, rather than Freddy's.


  5. LOVE IT!!!!! Does anyone know where I can find the "We will Rock You" Musical? I almost got to see it in Amsterdam once but I heard it was on video somewhere.

  6. Great post!

    I got to see Queen at the old Boston Garden in the fall of 1980 - great show!

    FYI: My friends & I didn't stop listening to Queen because they dressed in drag for the video of "I Want to Break Free" (I think this was the first time I ever saw it) ... we stopped listening to Queen because we lost interest in the music - they started playing more thump-thump beats and less guitar-based rock. When they stopped putting "no synthesizers were used on this record" on their records, that was pretty-much the end for us.

  7. Somehow SO RIGHT that it's narrated by Richard E. Grant.

    Who was in the Spice Girls Movie.

    I love him.


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