18 April 2010

Saving you a trip to the Museum of Modern Art

If the subject interests you, I recommend watching full-screen (perhaps muting the repetitive audio).  It's too bad there's not a "slow" speed option.


  1. If you're quick, you can hit "Pause" to stop the video at a particular painting.

    But zipping through them has an interesting effect, at least it did for me--what came through was something like "essence of art," whatever it is that's common to all the paintings (well, most of them!), the qualities that got them into MOMA.

  2. You can download the video(using Firefox and Download Helper) and watch it with VLC which allows you to set the speed of playback. I am watching it leisurely now as a slide show. MOMA's display hasn't changed much since I was there decades ago. On the other hand, walking around the corner and encountering Starry Skies or demioiselles does have a chilling effect.

  3. Quite hypnotic - in a nice way. Oh and re your other post, I'd never heard of 'Angel Lust' either :/


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