18 April 2010

Recent posts at Neatorama

A very deceptive optical illusion.  Looks for all the world like a spiral, but is not one.

A video of fluorescent-tagged sperm racing around a female genital tract (more interesting than you might imagine from the description).

Excerpts from an essay at the New York Times suggesting that if all income tax records were made public information, there would be less tax cheating and more public demand to revamp an unfair code.

Video explaining the absolutely other-worldly biology of rotifers, which can withstand extreme temperatures and near-total desiccation.

Some college teachers are outsourcing the grading of student papers.  The knee-jerk reaction is to be deeply upset, but it's more complicated that you might think.

Video of a "swingless golf club" which has an explosive charge in the club head.

An explanation of how the pre-printed stamps from an automated postal center might in selected circumstances help you mail something successfully after a postmark deadline.

Video of a Professor of Trumpet demonstrating that music can be successfully generated using only a mouthpiece and a segment of vinyl tubing.

The head of a turtle ant allows it to be a living door.

A photo that looks like a scene from Blade Runner, but is even more awesome than that when you discover what it is depicting.

A photo showing the immense power of an earthquake.

Old-time TYWKIDBI visitors will remember the video of "Solid Potato Salad" performed by singing acrobatic contortionist triplet sisters.

An old Roman coffin shaped very much like a burrito.

As with all my smorgasbord-type posts, the photos above are unrelated to Neatorama or to the subject matter in the links.  These are pix of various plants from our gardens.

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