25 April 2010

"Pebbles confused in these letters. pls study her."

A note from a teacher to a parent.


  1. Which part of this is supposed to be funny?

    The parent cared enough to send a note to the child's teacher. The effort should be applauded, and s/he should not be the butt of anyone's jokes.

  2. I don't think it's supposed to be funny as much as it is a sign of the times - the teacher wrote that note, not the parent. A teacher writing "Pebbles confused in these letters. pls study her" instead of something a little more appropriate for a teacher to say, perhaps "Pebbles is confused by these letters, please help her study." These are the people trying to teach our children to write correctly, and if they're making those kind of heinous grammar errors, why are they in charge of teaching the subject, again?

  3. I'm unbelievable at these picture.

  4. I feel ashamed that I did not see the problem until it was spelled out in the comments.
    Its amazing.

  5. A cynic would suggest linking this post to the one about teachers with heavy accents.


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