25 April 2010

Atypical Tea Party supporter

Barbara Ann Nowak at a Chicago Tea Party rally.
Last week when I posted a report about a Tea Party supporter with ten children who was the recipient of Medicaid funds, I was roundly criticized for choosing an unrepresentative example of the Tea Party constitutency.  So this week I will go out of my way to emphasize that the woman in the photo above is NOT a typical Tea Party member.

Photo credit AP, via The Telegraph.


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  2. Anon, your comment was "relevant," but I have a policy of deleting links to commercial websites.

  3. Tea Parties were happening all over the country in 2007 and 2008 before the 08 election primaries. These got little to no press. Participants were talking about real concerns for our country prior to the elections: foreign policy, monetary policy, civil liberties infringements (Patriot Act), etc. Now that the movement has been thoroughly perverted enough to have no resemblance, the media are having a field day. What a game..

  4. Interestingly enough, there is a British study about why people vote or agitate against their own interests. That would seem to be the case with many of these people, espeecially the elderly.


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