11 April 2010

The creative spelling of "Teabonics"

Pargon has a Flickr photoset of pictures of signs primarily from Tea Party rallies.  Dozens more similar photos at the link.

Funny.  And sad.

A grateful hat-tip to The Pajama Pundit.


  1. I probably would be a bit careful about suggesting that only those on the right misspell words and commit gaffes. See, for example:


    Then there are these:


    There are thousands of photos on the internet that make leftists look like a bunch of idiotic, unemployed drug users who haven’t seen a bar of soap in over a year. One could be forgiven for thinking that all leftists look (and smell) like that. But I think we all know that they represent a portion of those on the left, not everyone.

    Also, need I remind you that our Harvard and Columbia educated President has difficulty spelling Syracuse, can’t pronounce a major ballpark in his own home town (Comiskey), once referred to having visited “all 57 states,” thinks people in Austria speak “Austrian,” and insists on pronouncing the “ps” sound in the word “corpsman?” Or that our illustrious Speaker of the House told us before the passage of the Health Care Reform that we just needed to “pass the bill so that (we) can find out what is in it.”

    Huhhhh??? Isn’t that sort of . . . . backwards???

    And don’t get me started on Biden. We’d be here all night long.

    Look. I hate mizzspelings (ha!) but they happen to everyone. Is anyone here going to make the claim that they have never misspelled a word or used improper grammar in an e-mail, a formal letter, or a publication?

    Come on.

  2. Nobody said that only those on the right have trouple spelling things, but making mistakes on a banner concerning language use does fall under the heading of "ironic".

    People in Austria do speak Austrian, by the way. :)

  3. I'm glad that I could provide some fodder for TYWKIWDBI Stan -- always happy to help out!

    Okay Deana, you are absolutely correct -- misspellings on signage and general buffoonery is not limited to only the right. I would say that looking like an idiot is truly a bipartisan effort.

    But, nobody (myself or Stan) suggested that "only those on the right misspell words and commit gaffes".

    The reason that I drew attention to this particular sign was twofold:

    1) Facts are facts; the Tea Party meme is a hot topic right now. If you peruse my site, I talk a lot about the Tea Party movement (both good and bad).

    2) The picture in question shows a mind-numbing irony; the protester is saying that English should be America's official language and yet they cannot spell 'official' correctly. I simply found this fact to be entertaining.

    The other thing to consider is that in many of the lefty examples that you have provided, one could make the argument that we are looking at the "far-out left", rather than mainstream liberals. But, more and more with the current conservative movement, I feel that the fringe right (see: Birthers) is attempting to co-opt the mainstream right.

    This could easily change, but it is something that I like to write about as well.

  4. Deana,
    Did you notice that at least two of your signs in that link are from protests in what appear to be the Arab world? Also, there's no comparable organized, corporate, major party backed "organization" on the left to the Tea Party. Furthermore, if you look at the flickr set you'll notice that there's *tons* of signs, not just a few.

  5. Epic fail, Deana. Arabic liberals? Really? Austrian German is a dialect. Österreichisches Deutsch to be exact. The standardized form of Austrian German for official texts and schools is defined by the Austrian dictionary (Österreichisches Wörterbuch), published under the authority of the ministry of education, art and culture. Since Obama didn't say, "I don't speak the Austrian language," it can be inferred he meant " I don't speak the Austrian dialect (and you have different slangs for 'wheeling and dealing' throughout Europe.") You fail!

  6. Very well said, Deana! However, the misspellings on the one side or the other are not as troubling to me as the elitist comments that reveal an arrogance often found in highly educated people. "Funny. And sad."

  7. Elitist? Only when liberals critize Teabaggers, but not when teabaggers say a black man can't be president becasue he's a socialist, terrorist Muslim Kenyan. That's not "elitist" at all. Forget that more than half of us voted for him. We're not "real" Americans. How civil.


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