19 April 2010

Children in 1952 and 1960

The post below this one was a little too grim to be the final item of the night, so I'll add one more entry from Shorpy - this set of two photos of schoolchildren all born the same year I was (1946).  The upper photo is from 1952 when they began school, the lower one from 1960 when they became teenagers.

I'm always fascinated by looking at faces.  I highly recommend viewing these photos in the fullscreen versions here:  children in 1952 and children in 1960.

I have no comments to offer.  It's just an interesting pair of photos.

1 comment:

  1. Not too long ago I found myself looking at my second grade class photo. What I discovered was that the kids that had been teased as "fatties" were in fact, barely rounded, and by today's standards quite lean. I was in second grade in 1969.


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