04 April 2010

How to defeat a chain lock

Via Bits and Pieces.


  1. Subtitled: how to assassinate Hamas officials in Dubai.

  2. By the time you get done with that and made all that noise, the room occupant has called the front desk, packed up, and is waiting to bash you in the face with the desk lamp. Interesting though. Good for interrupting suicides and overdoses I suppose.

  3. My first impression was the same as yours - that the technique would be impractical with the resident at home.

    Then I realized that there are many homes where a chain lock like this is used on a kitchen or back door and the front door has a deadbolt lock. So when the owners are away, this technique could be used to enter one of the secondary door.

    That's why I posted it - as a reminder to people that chains are not a very secure theft deterrant.

  4. but you can just bump nearly any deadbolt with even less effort. it's easy enough to protect against this method by plugging the release hole with something when you leave

  5. Except who thinks to block the release hole? And it would be impossible to block it with something when you leave, because you wouldn't be able to lock it in the first place, but good try.


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