04 February 2012

Ring of fire

This is a companion piece to the video in the previous post.  Using the same graphic conventions, the data depicted here show worldwide earthquake activity in 2011.  As the yellow dots accumulate, some of the earth's tectonic plates are nicely defined.

If you're going to watch, take the extra 5 seconds to click the fullscreen icon at the lower right.  And don't stop before March 11.

And finally, if you live in Europe or North America, take a moment to ponder your geographic good fortune.


  1. I'm amazed with the information so wonderfully presented. Whoever created this impressive graphic display is very talented. It's one thing to read about tectonic plate movement, but to see those bursts of light begin to outline the plates really is spellbinding.

  2. Great display of information! Also, I now know why Japanese videos are soooo weird!


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