04 April 2010

What to do about people who park in "handicapped" spots

"I’m in love with a guy. He is perfect in almost every way. Handsome, good earner, athletic, interesting, not a drunk, reads The Atlantic. There’s one problem: if we’re in a crowded parking lot, he’ll go for the handicapped spots. He says that there are always too many of them and that they’re always empty. This makes me crazy. What should I do?"

---T. M., Los Angeles, Calif.

Dear T. M.,

Break his legs.

(From the What's Your Problem? column in the April issue of The Atlantic.)


  1. A lovely solution indeed! I´ll bring the maul.

  2. Stan, you have very (unsurprisingly) good taste in reading. The "What's Your Problem?" featurette is my favorite part of my subscription to The Atlantic. Jeffrey Goldberg is quite amusing.

    This one in particular tickled my funny bone.

  3. Thanks. I started subscribing to The Atlantic decades ago in order to have access to the cryptic puzzles, and have wound up reading every issue cover to cover. I'm happy if I can drive a little traffic to their site as a payback.


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