04 April 2010

Minnesota in 1942

I fully understand that fewer than 1% of the visitors to this blog will have any interest in Minnesota, but I'm posting this because this is one of a series of several hundred "Traveltalks" produced from the 1930s to the 1950s.  To find one that interests you, search YouTube for Traveltalks, perhaps with a keyword for your town/state/region/country.

Minnesotans will find the video interesting when it shows the Foshay Tower as the tallest building in Minneapolis and perhaps when it shows an "average" result of a day's fishing.  What interested me was the comment that Minneapolis in 1942 had 1 acre of public parks for every 92 people; I just reran the numbers, and if my data are correct, the current figure is 6,400 acres of public parks for 368K people, or 1 acre for every 58 people!


  1. Count me in on the 1%.
    Nice find, my folks were from Missouri, but I remember Paul Bunyan and Babe in my childhood travels.

  2. That was quite a presentation (even though I'd count myself in that 1% too) - so fun to see how places have or haven't changed much through the years. Thanks for posting it!


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