15 April 2013

"Buy a donkey"

A side benefit to my intermittent watching of the Masters this weekend is that I now can say "Thank you" in Afrikaans. 

"Buy a donkey" is a homophonic Anglicization (?is that the right phrase?) of "baie danke" = "many thanks."  I could have guessed the latter part from the German equivalent, but the baie would have escaped me.

You learn something every day.


  1. Reminds me of the story about Cordwainer Smith's psy-ops work during the Korean War.

    He worked out that the words for 'love', 'duty', 'humanity' and 'virtue' in Mandarin Chinese sound a lot like "I surrender" in English and created a propaganda leaflet to be dropped on Chinese lines explaining how to surrender to the UN forces by shouting in Chinese.

  2. If you enjoy jokes popular among 14 year old boys, you will likely also enjoy "12 months" in estonian.

    1. Found it -



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