23 April 2013

Soccer game revelry

Today I learned... that at Russian soccer games fans in the stands light flares and shoot off fireworks.

Take a look at this related video, offered with this introduction: "Try watching a Red Star V. Partizan match... Until they banned flares and fireworks the matches usually got shut down because the field got too smokey to continue play.  "This is what it looks like after banning flares and fireworks." -

Response: "do you mean before?"
Reply: "No. That video is from several years after the ban was instituted."

I'll defer commentary and just file it in the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot category.  Res ipsa loquitur.

Image slightly cropped and compressed from the original at Reddit.


  1. The fans won't even begin to stop something like this themselves, that being what it would take to stop this, until some kind of disaster, such as a fire at a stadium caused people to realize that that sort of thing is both stupid, and dangerous.

  2. I've got some nice examples from Greece for you. How it looks from the stands:


    and one more with a bit of colour...


    We kind of like this stuff in the southeast. :)


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