23 April 2013

Fast footwork

The game is apparently called Dance Dance Revolution; the player is Takaske. 

Via Kottke, where the video is paired with an equally impressive display of tennis volley skills.


  1. This guy isn't bad but the elite DDR players would chide him for "bar hugging." I used to be pretty good back in the day when I was younger and thinner :)

    There are hundreds of good DDR videos out there.


    1. I didn't believe that there were people who could "chide" him for anything. I googled it. I am...in awe.

  2. He Always gets all the girls at the club 'cause of his moves. It's not fair. I studies tap & classical & the most i've achieved is broadway. I can't compete with this guy. The world is just not fair.

  3. DDR and games like it kept me dancing every day when I had a house.... Not so popular with the apartment neighbors...

  4. I do about an hour of this at home every second day or so to get my cardio, it's the only form of exercise I've ever found that is intellectually as well as physically stimulating. Of course I'm nothing on this guy. And I live in an apartment :-)


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