04 April 2013

How marbles are made

I like to look for old marbles when I go to an auction or garage sale.


  1. Great video. I had no idea how this was done. For the handmade marbles that seems like an incredible amount of time and effort for a marble. I can't really imagine it being a worthwhile business making them no matter how great the final product looks.


  2. Wondering what that phrase is at the end?

    "This eye-catching marble is already an up-shea-dha."

    I couldn't guess the spelling sufficiently to google "an upsheadha".

  3. I have a new appreciation for the jar of marbles that I have somehow managed to save from my childhood through many, many relocations. Interestingly, as children we valued the "puries" more than we did those with the layers of colour inside.

  4. Video is marked private. :(

    1. You need to come here more often, before the source material undergoes linkrot. :.)

      You can also find another copy with a YouTube search of the key words.


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