11 April 2013

Track real-time flight data

The image above is a screencap, but you can view real-time positions of commercial aircraft at Flightradar24.  And not just for the U.S.  Here is the current map of flights over Europe -

And Brazil -

The maps at the source link are zoomable and interactive with a variety of data.

As one watches these icons move, one can't help but wonder what effect all that traffic has on air quality.  I remember after the 9/11 air traffic shutdown, the U.S. was reported to have record clear skies free of contrails, and measurable increases in solar energy at ground level.

Addendum:  Reader Aleksejs provides the link for a similar website for tracking ships-

- with interactive features including photos of the vessels.


  1. There is similar project for ships:

    Also note that you can click on airplane/ship and get it's photo, decription (if available).

    1. Excellent, Aleksejs! I've added the link (and a screencap) to the post.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I've always wondered where the airplanes flying overhead were coming from and going to. I had no idea that I live on the flight path between Anchorage and Chicago, for one.

  3. Just now I saw that an Air Force plane was about to cross near the town where my parents live, so I phoned Dad, and just after it crossed he told me he could see the vapour trail. So this really works. And is cool.


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