21 April 2013

Local weather does not always reflect global trends

Americans in the Midwest and residents of Europe may be surprised to discover that despite their local insufferably-prolonged winters, global temperature patterns were somewhat different:
 "...The globally-averaged temperature across the world's land and ocean surfaces was 0.58°C (1.04°F) above the 20th century average of 12.7°C (54.9°F), tying with 2006 as the 10th warmest March since records began in 1880. Both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres were also 10th warmest for March..."
Data from the National Climactic Data Center via Paul Douglas' incomparable On Weather blog.

Today's The View From Your Window featured a deck in Isle, Minnesota -

- which is about a hundred miles south of my favorite retreat at Leech Lake in Walker Minnesota.  Posted to remind myself that it's still way to early to escape to the north woods.

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  1. Do be aware that these data are not raw data, but massaged/adjusted. Raw data for weather stations are often MUCH different - and VERY often considerably lower than what NOAA and GISS publish. They also DOWNshift older data (progressively farther down the longer ago the data was) - which is a real no-no in science. Once data is accepted as legitimate, it should never, EVER be changed afterward.


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