17 April 2013

Introducing Operation Smile

As I wander widely on the 'net, I encounter a lot of charitable foundations.  I'm rather choosy about which ones I donate to, but Operation Smile has been one that I have been gratified to donate to.  Years ago I saw a long video about them, which I thought I had blogged but cannot now locate.  The three-minute one above will provide a brief introduction for those unfamiliar with Operation Smile.


  1. Oh, man, this really got to me. Tough cookie that I usually am, I'm mopping my eyes. When the video begins, you know there will be a big
    improvement by the end, but the expression on her face when she first gets a look at herself after the surgery is just unforgettable. Very moving.

  2. My daughter was born with a cleft lip and palate. I've always been very choosy with charities that I donate to as well. But I always donate to Operation Smile and I had seen this video sometime last year and was just beside myself. Very very touching.


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