12 April 2013

A supercut of "back-to-the-camera" shots from movies

I am endlessly fascinated by supercuts from movies. What resources do people have to create these things?  If someone wanted to collect sneezes from movies, is there a source that tells them which 74 movies have characters sneezing?

Anyway, for this one, a list of the movie sources for the almost 100 scenes is in the "About" section at the YouTube link.  I recognized about half of them, but there were a few that were so beautiful or impressive that it makes we want to see the movie.

Enjoy (fullscreen recommended).

Via Neatorama.


  1. That was excellent, and I've also wondered how people find these scenes to include. If anyone is wondering, the song is "God Moving Over the Face of the Waters" from the album "Songs" by Moby.

    Love that album.

  2. That seems awfully triumphant for a people who are trashing the planet in such a crude and hopeless manner. There was not a lot of admiration shown for the subtle beauties of this world as we have known it as humans for 100,000 years. This mentality is captive to the naive modern myth that we are destined to trash this planet but leap off into space as masters of the universe, in gender-neutral starships with secular Jews from California at the controls. Crash the stock market next week and this whole vision and all of this gender liberation nonsense will be gone in a flash, as fast as pulling the plug on the internet. It is a totally urban vision, and one solar flare of the wrong kind and this urban civilization falls, as they always do. This film style is all so much the same, so tacky and so so dated.

  3. Taking place all around you, in the homes of your neighbors and family, are parties that you'll never be invited to.

  4. like you, Minnesotastan, based on this super-cut i was motivated to seek out the few films i had not previously viewed.

    while the scenes snipped from The Divide were intriguing... whole the film was a massive waste of time. i'd really like to ask Rosanna Arquette why she agreed to appear in it... or any of the other actors.

    as for the super cut... enjoyable. yes it is a technique used often but i'm not bothered when done properly.
    on the other hand... the super-cut of "he/she's right behind me" does suggest good screenwriters are hard to find!

  5. I can't say specifically or definitively where any of these supercuts get their "list of movies" to cut these clips together, but I know the IMDB message board is pretty active with film buffs of many ages and flavors, and I've seen threads there asking about "movies with _______" in them. I'm sure it would be easy to cobble together a decent list of movies that include basketball-shots-over-the-shoulder-shots or something else.

    I do know of and have used a website called subzin.com that uses the subtitle files in movies to help find specific bits of dialog. If you're looking to piece together a super cut of people saying "watermelon slices", for example, you can enter those terms, and you'll get the bits of dialog before and after, including a time stamp of when in the movie those words occur. I've found some titles/time stamps don't match up exactly. I'm guessing that's owing to director's cuts vs theatrical cuts, different releases in different regions, etc.
    But it is and could a helpful resource if you've seen a clip with unique dialog and figure out what movie it's from.


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