05 April 2013

Beware of Mister Fog

When I was pulled over for speeding, I told the officer, "I'm sorry, but the road seemed clear, and..."

 "How would you have reacted if Mister Fog had suddenly appeared?" he interrupted.

Annoyed at his patronizing manner, I replied, "I suppose I would've applied Mr. Brake and summoned up Mr. and Mrs. Headlight!"

Enunciating each syllable, the officer repeated, "How would you have reacted if mist.... or... fog had suddenly appeared?"
 -- Peter Melville, Cornwall, England
(from the current issue of Reader's Digest)


  1. Jerry in and around DallasApril 5, 2013 at 1:57 PM

    Ahahahahaha! Very like the story of the child who was asked in church what the hymn was and he responded, "Gladys the Cross-eyed Bear."

  2. laughed until tears ran down my cheeks! thank you!


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