03 April 2013

Shhh... don't tell anyone....

This post is only for the eyes of regular readers of TYWKIWDBI.  To keep it "under the radar" I have left key words out of the title.

Four years ago I designated a day in mid-April as "Small Blog Appreciation Day," inviting readers of TYWKIWDBI to share their own blog with other readers via a compendium post here.  That year 18 regular readers responded.

I have continued the tradition in subsequent years, and it has grown a bit.  In 2011 we compiled a list of 59 blogs, and last year it was 71.

In order for me to do this, it is important that the participation be limited to regular TYWKIWDBI readers.  I don't want the great unwashed public flooding me with requests to promote their blog, nor do I have the time to compile a list of many hundreds.  I would like to get responses from those who have commented here using a name I recognize, or for the anons evidence that your blog that has a link here, or a sidebar blogroll inclusion of TYWKIWDBI.

If you would like to participate, just go to the Comments section for this post, and write -

  • The name of your blog
  • The url (you don't have to make it clickable; I can cut and paste), and
  • One or two sentences (max) describing what focus or theme your blog has.
    The resultant post will look something like this or this and will appear after April 15 (because I'm going to be busy with a certain type of paperwork before then).


    1. Fearfully & Wonderfully Made


      It's my wife's blog to be honest. It's her journey through weight-loss surgery & the effects on her life & body. It's very Christian theme. So, if you are not into that, it might not be for you. But otherwise, with the increase in weight problems and many thinking about surgery as an option, it is a great way to know you are not alone in what you are going through.

    2. A Writer's Chronicles


      A blog I use to vent my mind of extraneous thoughts while I'm writing. Because of the nature of what I've been focused on for the past year, it comes across at the moment as a how-to-digitally-publish-yourself guide.

    3. Go Up: The Road to El Cap


      My best friend and I are climbing El Capitan in Yosemite this summer, which is the biggest cliff in North America. We're doing it via the most famous rock climb in the world, The Nose, and blogging about our adventure as we prepare for the ascent.

    4. Bailey's Buddy


      An eclectic mix of the things which make up my life, My dog, my causes, humor and my Masonry. Oh and a bit of a diary with an occasional poem.

    5. You da MAN, MinnesotaStan! CRIGGO has often received TYWKIWDBI love. Thanks for that!



      Criggo highlights newspaper bloopers, unfortunate ads and articles - but newspapers are going away. That's too bad.

    6. Sarmatian in the SCA


      I'm in a living history group called the Society for Creative Anachronism. This blog is where I post what I've learned about the Sarmatians, the culture I've chosen for my persona, and my other experiences in the SCA.

      Thanks again, Stan!

    7. Epigraphic


      A collection of epigraphs from books and movies.

    8. The DragonFly BSD Digest


      A running summary of events around the development of DragonFly BSD, an open source operating system.

    9. Allhomosapienswelcome


      A blog containing interesting facts and articles on science, music, math, art, nature, and much more.

    10. I can't say that I comment very frequently, but I do check TYWKIWDBI every day. Thanks for the sharing offer.

      In Deference To My Idols


      Music, movies, media, games, websites that come across the browser of a midwestern chemistry teacher's daily life... The blog is linked from my school course pages, so everything is clean enough for me to show to my students.

    11. Not sure if a Tumblr qualifies, but:

      Crisp Oaks


      A fairly eclectic music blog with one new song each day.

    12. Unequally Yoked - A geeky Catholic convert picks fights in good faith

      Ostensibly about philosophy and religion, but actual on musical threatre a surprising proportion of the time.

    13. Gah, twice now I've lost my comment. One by previewing one by submitting. I will copy this one -_- duh. Lets see if the message gets even shorter this time. (Chrome 26.0.1410.43 Mac OS X) (gah, still broken, perhaps addons? Going to Firefox)

      I have no memory if I have commented here at all D: spend too much time in Google Reader (rip). And indeed I cannot remember if I have participated in this previously either. Oh well.

      A. Aronsson's WeBOLLog


      An infrequently updated blog featuring the projects and life events of yours truly, mr random dude on the Internet. Mostly impossible art in perspective, but also photography and video projects and a bit of motorcycling.

    14. Goodies- Random Awesomeness I Encounter:


      It's basically random awesomeness I encounter online and are too awesome to not share- similar to TWKIWDBI in some ways I s'pose, just with (many) fewer posts per day and readers. :-)

    15. Laughing at Dragons


      The life of a teenager; often focusing on reviews of the books I read.

    16. Gort Nation


      One nation dedicated to motorsports, politics, music, social commentary, weirdo art, science fiction, home repairs, cooking and counterculture ephemera.

      Thank you... thankyouverymuch.

    17. Outside The Interzone


      I've been doing a project this year to post a geology picture every day of the year. Mostly focused on Oregon, since I've spent little time outside of the state with my digital camera. Most popular feature is the Sunday Funnies each week.

    18. Barefoot Journey


      I'm a barefoot runner, I have prostate cancer, and I have Asperger's Syndrome. My blog is about that journey.

    19. Flippism is the Key

      Eclectic mix of short-form 'thought pieces', photos and even a full length novel in serial form. Icelandic culture is a recurring theme.

    20. Hi Stan,

      Thanks for doing this again.

      DavidCrews -


      Photos, Essays, Poems, and Musings on
      Life, Spirit, Ayahuasca and Entheogens,
      Time, and Travel.

    21. wooo! this is one of my favorite times of year! i STILL occasionally get traffic as a result of last year's extravaganza, and i also found some blogs i read regularly.

      stuff! and more stuff!! i LOVE stuff!

      my blog is called furthermore, flask, and it can be found here:http://furthermoreflask.blogspot.com/

      it is about whatever i am thinking about at the moment. i have a short attention span, a wide range of interests, a finely tuned sense of outrage, a quirky sense of humor, and no sense of fashion.

      soon i will be posting some stuff about the pond skimming up at the mountain, the mushrooms growing in my kitchen, and my continued correspondence with nigerian email scammers.

      1. Found you in last year's list and visit most every day, flask!

        Thanks for doing this Stan...no blog myself, but I have a whole bookmark category for places I've found through here!

      2. I stop at flask every now and again too. I'm not as good a blogger as I used to be, and don't visit or comment as much as I used to, as much as I should.
        But i always enjoy checking in on Flask.

    22. Yay! I love reading and exploring the blog sites of TYWKIWDBI readers: such an eclectic mix of interesting people!

      My main blog is still "The Grange: a small farm in the Northern Rivers area of NSW"

      It is mainly about my farm and family activities, but I also try and take good photos of the area (It will interest those who would like to see photos of rural Australia). I keep the blog also to allow my far-flung extended family to stay up to date.

      I also still have the 'techno' site for my students, "ISY00244: Technological Systems for Hotels, Conventions and Events"

      I'm not posting much on that one: my students said that they found enough on the site to keep them busy and occupied ... Heh, I think maybe their brains were finally full :-)

    23. My blog is called MyPinkyFinger (there's a story behind that.) I am a teacher, a maker, and a book lover who makes things, from jewelry and sewing to clay, painting, and bookbinding. It's a place for me to share whatever art or creation I am working on, feature other artists and craftsmen of all types whom I admire, pursue various thoughts on education, ponder spirituality, and occasionally post about my life.




      A blog about Polaroid modifications, projects and items of interest to keep the movement alive. Long live INSTANT FILM.

    25. I love this! Each year I find a new blogger to follow=)

      Dietetic Sinners


      Recipes, restaurant/product reviews and my life in general

    26. Bibliosphere


      A blog about college life, science research, interesting events, and childhood cancer awareness.

    27. Reboots DaMachina
      Observations & Deep Thoughts
      Mostly observations that I find interesting.

    28. Free advertising. Right on.

      The blog is called CRIMINAL WISDOM

      I think sf writer Samuel R, Delany sums up what we do best:

      “The only important elements in any society are the artistic and the criminal, because they alone, by questioning the society’s values, can force it to change.”

    29. Update My Status

      Just a mommy blog, more or less. Some gardening posts. Some mental health (depression, post-partum depression) posts.

    30. Well, I have you in my reader for at least four years but this is just my third comment or something, but I've just made a blog for my girlfriend, so here goes:


      A collection of photos, collages and drawings my girlfriend Irina does and which sometimes blow my mind :)

    31. I blog at http://www.andrewt.net/blog, never knowingly with a focus or topic in mind.

      I don't think I have a link sidebar at the moment. Maybe I should. But you know me, right? (This is me: http://tywkiwdbi.blogspot.co.uk/2010/04/three-times-smaller-makes-no-sense-to.html)

    32. Name: Now I Know

      URL: http://nowiknow.com

      Description: Here's what you wrote two years ago :)

      Dan's Now I Know is actually an email newsletter (sign up here), the purpose of which is "to share something new, interesting about the world, each morning. Like the fact that carrots used to be purple, or that Abraham Lincoln created the Secret Service the day he was fatally shot, or that there's an island of hyper-poisonous snakes off the coast of Brazil."

      Thanks for doing this!

    33. This is my modest blogwebsitethingy:


      With history, paintings, old photographs, maps, classic movie actresses, city walls, Königsberg, Crimea War, geography, Amersfoort and more.

      Here is a tip on how to include a clickable URL in a comment.

    34. I've been reading tywkiwdbi nearly as long as I've been blogging, but have resisted posting this - until now. http://half-moosewithatwist.blogspot.com/
      At Half Moose I have doodles, cartoons, nature photos, occasional poetry, short fiction and movie reviews. Oh, and sometimes man's best friend makes an appearance.

    35. I've been reading for a number of years, although I'm not sure how often I comment.

      <a href="http://averagejane.blogs.com>Average Jane</a> is a long-running personal blog with lots of talk about cats, hobbies and food.

    36. I blog at Sanity Check... (Yeah, I'm not sold on the name) at http://dreamshadow.mee.nu . It's largely my own fiction writing, notes on gaming and games I'm playing.

    37. This comment has been removed by the author.

    38. Tice Adventures


      Commentary from DINKS (dual income no kids) living aboard a Marine Corps base in Iwakuni, Japan. An adventure in Japanese culture, nature, and lots of food.

    39. (OvO)


      An ongoing series of images (primarily photographs, both old and contemporary), quotations, and music interwoven to express an organically evolving theme.

      (While you're allowing us an opportunity to promote ourselves, thank you for continuing to share such wonderful posts of your own. I always look forward to reading your blog.)

      1. I enjoy your site immensely as well, OVO. Found you via Crashingly Beautiful a couple years ago.

    40. Tales of the Witch of November - I did this last year! Hooray!


      I write about hiking, biking, and other outdoorsy stuff in Minnesota. It's been a bit quiet due to the long winter, but now that spring is here it's picking up again. More state parks, biking the wonderful Minnesota state bike trails, volunteering (National Frog and Toad call survey coming up, building the Superior Hiking Trail, etc). Should be a blast.

    41. I have Le Cafe Witteveen.


      It's a scatterbrained exploration of personal thoughts on being raised religious, owning and operating a photography and video business, and posting from my favorite blogs, like this one and others.

      I comment less here less than I should. But frequent here every day.

    42. Clayton's Internet Life


      I mostly post funny or interesting videos I find in my daily Internet browsing, but I'll also post about interesting video games, cool photos, web comics, and other neat things. Funny story about the name: I was trying to tell a friend to Google 'Kevin Spacey Saturday Night Live' and he misheard it as 'Kevin Spacey's Internet Life' and I pretty much just had to use the name for my blog.

      Sorry I'm a lurker when it comes to TYWKIWDBI, but I love the blog and have been reading it for over a year now.

    43. Taking On Water


      I blog about my life and experiences dealing with my severe anxiety and depression. It's not all doom and gloom, though; one of my goals has been to acknowledge that some of what those of us who suffer from depression and anxiety go through is really quite funny. Lately I've been chronicling my experiences with running, as I attempt to become a successful Fake Runner, which (not entirely incidentally) connects to my anxiety. I also use a lot of footnotes. It's a good time. I promise.

      1. Anonymous, the link takes me to an unfinished blog with one post. And I don't see any affiliation with TYWKIWDBI.

        Perhaps next year.

    44. Tank Hughes Dot Com


      It used to be semi-informational discussions of English compounds, but now it's just a photoshop comic every Monday and some screenshots from Batman: The Animated Series which I call Bruce Waynesday.

    45. Mikeb302000


      Gun control and other liberal issues.

    46. Richard Hartmann's blog


      Technical stuff, travel diaries, and general observations.

      (I may be too late; I understand if that's the case.)

    47. The compilation should be done by Monday or Tuesday; I only have another dozen or so to go.


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