15 April 2013

A chronicle of a year of abuse

The "about" has two sentences which Google translates from Croatian as "A year in which I was abused. Please help me."  One hopes that this is an actress participating in a public service announcement*, but I don't have time to track down more information.  Someone may know.  Warning: visible sequelae of physical abuse.

*Addendum:  confirmed by reader Simon (see the link in his comment).


  1. The sign she holds up at around 1:10 Googletranslates as "Help me. I don't know if I will wait for tomorrow".

  2. More about this video here: http://osocio.org/message/mysterious_photo_a_day_domestic_violence_video_goes_viral/

    According to this link the girl is an actress and the clip is part of an anti domestic abuse campaign.


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