05 November 2012

Zipper tattoo

Scar enhanced with the addition of a "zipper."

Found at Cakehead Loves Evil, where there are several additional examples.


  1. gross. scars are cool, tattoos are cool, but usually when they're combined they look a little sickening to me.

  2. The thought of having ink injected into your skin in a design that you like today, this year, leaves me wondering about my tardiness about the colour of the car I will buy to last me the next year, maybe two. Will I be sick of that colour in 6 months ?
    I mean, that woman, well, girl back then, that I had children with, was the most gorgeous, beautiful, sexy creature the world with ALL of it's gods working in unison, could produce, but we grew different, apart, so that even though we are still friendly, and obviously share the children, I am glad that I didn't have her name tattooed on to my person at any time.
    Also the woman that I spent the next epoch with, again a bit of a looker (I have had the good fortune to always bat way out of my own league …is that how you Americans say it ?) would have had a lot less to do with any part of my body that had another's name on it.
    The woman I share so much with these days asked me if she should get a tattoo, my response was 'why don't you wear the same outfit you used to wear in 1993 ?'.
    I am surprised that so many …let's say…intelligent people…go out and happily get a needle thrust under their skin, many thousands of times, a needle that leaves a residue of ink in as a name or design or a joke or a picture of a zip… and then wonder why I look at them like they have the brain of a Neanderthal.
    Think about it, you will have different taste within 2 years.


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