20 November 2012

By (model) train across Canada

Jeff Friesen's photography project entitled 'The Canadian: Ghost Train Crossing Canada' appears to show a train crossing Canada - but, in fact, the train is just two inches tall. His work captures the travels of a scale model vintage 1955 streamliner passenger train against picturesque landscapes.
Two of seventeen photos in a gallery at The Telegraph.  The scaling, of course, becomes nonsensical, so the images are surreal rather than realistic.  Posted for Fred, the modeler in our family.


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    1. http://www.jeff-friesen.com/Canadian.html

    2. Oops. Thanks, Michael.

      And I've fixed the via, which is


  2. Seeing as how it has been impossible to take the train all the way across Canada for some years now (believe it or not, there are at least two places where you have to get off the train and take a bus to the nearest still-operational depot) I wonder if this project wasn't meant, even slightly, as a somewhat tongue-in-cheek comment on the sad state of Canada's passenger rail carriers.

  3. He can also model it in O Scale. Lionel reintroduced "The Canadian" not that long ago. The original 1957 edition is highly sought after.


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