05 November 2012

Street party in Iran

Not a spectacular video in any sense - posted just as a reminder not to stereotype all the people of a country based on the character of the leaders of their government.

Although the source describes it as a "rave party," I wonder if it was filmed on Chahrshanbeh Suri, the eve of Iranian New Year celebration of the renewal of fire.

Via Reddit.


  1. The problems with most Americans is that they are brainwashed by their leaders and their mainstream media. They see Iran (and many other parts of the world) they way their leaders and the mainstream media want them to see it. So they get this distorted image of Iran. Iran is not what you see on your TVs in America or what your politicians tell you. Iran is modern and cosmopolitan. They have parties, they dance at nigh clubs, they drink alcohol. The young people in Iran is no different to the young people in other advanced countries. I visit Iran and the middle east regularly and I love it. Americans should visit Iran more often to learn more about this beautiful country.


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